Monday, February 24, 2014

Chatterbox Challenge Awards using Verbots

According to their website the Chatterbox Challenge is: an annual contest for chatbots. It is unique in the fact that minimal restrictions are placed on the type of technology used in the creation of the bot. The competition will begin in early March and finishes shortly thereafter. Botmasters from across the globe submit their chatbots for evaluation and competition. Every entered chat bot is asked a series of questions and scored on its responses by a set of independent judges. The top eight bots move to a final round where an additional series of questions is posed to the finalists. The winner is selected by the judges as the chatbot who has scored the highest from among the finalists. A number of the chatbots who have entered the competition in the past have become the foundation for commercial technologies. 
(Challenge Medals)

A few Verbot knowledge bases were entered into the competition and won. In 2005 the Verbot "Julia" won 3rd Place for Best Interface:

In 2007 the Verbot "Athena" took home 1st Place for Best New Entry:

These awards have been sitting around the office for a long time. It's anyone's guess where they'll end up in the future; the least I could do is share them back with the community that made the awards possible. 



    Robo Chat Challenge is back again and thanks to our generous sponsors, US $4,000 is on offer to top 3 finishers on break down in the following manner:

    1st Prize => US $ 2,500
    2nd Prize => US $ 1,000
    3rd Prize => US $ 500

    Bot Entry is absolutely free and Registration Deadline is May 5, 2014, so act quickly, because time is running out.

    Please note that we would evaluate each and every bot on our pre-set participation criteria.

    For enrolling your bot, please click on the link below:

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