Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time for Community Run Forums

Aaron raised a good idea the other day - maybe its time someone created a community run forum for Verbots - forums run by the community for the community. That way all the information is kept open and available to the public. The current forum is hosted on the same server Verbots is at which means whoever runs also runs the forums and owns the information stored there.

What do people think, is it time for a community run forum? Any volunteers?

On another note it might be a good idea to create a list of chatter bot websites, community forums, etc. K was thinking about creating a links page here for reference. Have any ideas? These could be replacements for Verbots Online, etc.?

If you've got link you'd like make a comment and provide a little detail on what the link is for and why someone might be interested in using it. If you just drop a link without an explanation it will be ignored. Hopefully we can create a community driven list that is comprehensive and not just a bunch of people touting their own sites - at least not without some value to the community.

Share your thoughts. 


  1. I'm a late-comer to the Verbots party (I've been using/experimenting with Verbots Desktop 5 off and on for the past 4-5 months), and I am sad to see such an uncertain future for it.

    I really like the idea of a community-run Verbots forum, but I also think that the viability of such a forum is somewhat dependent on Avaya's intentions. How likely is it that Avaya will try to monetize Verbot? Conversely, what is the likelihood that they would be willing to release the source code for Verbot 5 Player & Editor, CCS, and the SDK with an open source license? If Verbot 5 were to become open source, I think that a community-run forum would thrive. If Avaya commercializes/monetized Verbot 5 and development resumes, a community-run forum that functions as a de facto user group might also work, though the demographic would shift away from enthusiasts toward business users. Finally, if Avaya maintains the status quo with Verbot 5, effectively depricating it, a community-run forum could be useful in the short run, but I expect that all but a small core of diehard "nostalgia" users would eventually abandon Verbot for other AI chatbot/agent options.

    If the consensus is to go forward with a community-run forum, I'm probably not the guy to "lead the charge" - there are others with far more experience and history with Verbot who would be logical choices (assuming they are willing to volunteer) - but I would gladly participate, and would be willing to help to the extent that I am able.

    1. Apparently, the SDK is already open source (I hadn't used it, so I wasn't aware that it was).

  2. Yes, the SDK is at Sourceforge. The Conversive Character Studio is not which you need to add the better CCS based avatars to Verbot 5. No download link for it, nor is the wiki available to show you how to use it. Therefore downloading any of the Conversive Characters will do you no good.

    This is the Wrong time to stop development on Verbots. Microsoft Speech recognition and Microsoft voices are better than they ever were (Windows 7 and 8) making these features available to a much wider audience than in the past. The technology is growing up and Verbots are being left behind it seems.

    I too would welcome a new forum and new download links for all the Verbot resources. If they concentrated on making Verbots a good free tool to control the PC via voice, it could get there much faster than concentrating on a real Ai chatbot, which of course is light years away.. the default or ALICE like AI will be good enough for now (or Alice 2.0). I'm not a programmer or scripter, just a user and have been waiting for this technology to grow up since I first got Sylvie from back in 2003. Now is the time Verbots can be something greater than it has been. I do hope it doesn't die.

  3. Please friends! I need some help scripting on Verbot 5, and the forums are all close for sign uping!!! How can they help me now!?

    My problem is:
    How can I run a shorcut or run a batch file? I tried this commands:

    <run C:\Program Files (x86)\Penumbra\start.exe
    <run C:\Program Files (x86)\Penumbra\
    |Cmd: C:\Program Files (x86)\Penumbra\start.bat

    I also tried to convert the batch into an executable and the verbot doesn't run it!
    My real problem is, that I want to run some games which need a "Start on: [destination folder]" like on shorcuts...
    An example is Minecraft 1.6.2 Launcher, doesn't run if he don't know we the files are situated...

    PLEASE HELP ME GUYS! Or just say me where I can post this problem!


  4. I really hope that verbot forum are back online! currently using verbot for assignment purpose ='(

  5. Olá, o Verbot ainda faz parte de meus estudos, sobre AI, e vejo nele enormes possibilidades, inclusive, traduzi o meu para o Portugues do Brasil, Eu Tenho todos os Arquivos do VERBOT, todas as personalidades, TUDO, só não tenho a cópia do site, pelo menos não achei ainda, Em troca, gostaria de receber, o código fonte para traduzi-lo e fazer modificações complementares, realmente a tecnologia está crescendo, divido os créditos das modificações, desde que me ajudem a tornar o VERBOT, um super AI, tenho um banco de dados de proporções gigantescas, quero desenvolver o VERBOT, na linha de conversação, via VOZ, com reconhecimento e tradução, e implantar sistema Arduino, tudo já está no esquema, mas precisa de melhorias, disponilizo meu servidor pessoal, que eu mantenho, de total propriedade minha, que garanto, nunca sairá do ar, a não ser que eu morra, e talvez nem assim, para hospedar um novo site e alocar todos os usuários. Contato: autoridade_mac

  6. Sou Brasileiro, meu nome é Marco Antonio, meu servidor é em HTTP, completo,
    trabalha 24 horas por dia, conexâo de 20Mb, Tem mais de 30 Tb, disponíveis, desejo manter uma versão totalmente gratuita e funcional do VERBOT, e disponibilizar uma versão online paga, para empresas e comércio e usuários que querem automação. Por isso tenho trabalhado no reconhecimento via voz, para interação completa do usuario, em comandos e funcionalidades totais. Para informação, o meu VERBOT, trabalha com um banco de dados, de conhecimentos gerais, com ( 131mb ), todas informações cientificas, veridicas, e comprovadas, além de literatura, fisica, quimica, livros, personalidades famosas e uma infinidade de informações todas, fatos e comprovados, tudo atualizado de 10 em 10 dias, meu hobby e desenvolvimento pessoal, só para vocês terem uma idéia, minha familia e visitas aqui em minha casa, conversam mais com meu VERBOT, do que comigo, he he he he he he he he he. ele está instalado no meu outro servidor domestico, e interage em mais 8 computadores simultaneamente, sem dar pau, nem travadas, todos podem usa-lo simultaneamente, fiz umas adaptações, para uso de fala via voz, usando programas de terceiros, mas quero implementar esse recurso diretamente no VERBOT. Minha visão é ampla, e não conheço limites, se for pra fazer, pra melhorar, vamos fazer!

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  8. I might be interested in hosting a support forum if there was enough interest in this project. I'm a new user, but I'm liking what I've seen so far

  9. The last comment really meant

    I dabble in programming and have verbot sdk.

    I was also looking at Cyberbuddy its a cheap starter program but you cant mess with it. I am using Dragon to learn speech; I am also learning to control and open programs etc...Ihave a Cyberuddy UIN for the free version I think it works - 408126

    It makes sense to get a cheap program like this just to keep in touch; I dunno; I want to merge a chatbot into Dragon and create my own with all the AIML's (v2) so I am looking for a way to port pandorabot aimls..then I will attempt to code or compile using JAVA which I read will make the program run ALOT faster !!

    My website is at: I will add AI Info to it later.

    Mr Zeta

  10. How can I embed verbot on my website?